Aug 20

Julia squared

Yes, I enjoy chick flicks

Today is our 15th wedding Anniversary. We had free movie passes, so we splurged on a movie. Nothing much playing right now. I read the description to The Timetravellers Wife, and bailed on the words "romantic drama" mixed with the sappy movie poster. But then saw a movie that I wanted to see and forgot about: Julia & Julia. There were two things that turned me off about this movie right away went I first heard of it: Meryll Streep, and Julia Child. Now, I've never paid much attention to Julia Child, except in caricature. And I've also never had much use for Meryll Streep. I thought, "What's annoying times annoying?" But the > looked so good (and I do like Amy Adams).

I really enjoyed this. I'll give it a solid three stars out of five. Meryll Streep is actually charming in this movie, and we have one of those rare films that praises the life of a woman who remained a virgin until she was married (at 40), desperately wanted children (but was unable to conceive), dearly loved her devoted husband, never played the victim, wasn't afraid to be proud of eating, never worried about the extra pound she carried, loved butter, and changed the world by being a woman. No wonder the feminists utterly ignore her.

As for the other Julia in the story (Powell) - nothing to write home about, but she made a nice counterpoint to tell the story of Julia the Great.


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