Jan 05

Suicidal deer meets Saturn

On animals and horsepower

This happened on the North Shore of Lake Superior, four miles north of Silver Bay on Highway 61. I was coming over a bridge, and was greeted by a suicidal deer of indeterminate sex who jumped out of the creek/culvert, and met my right front fender.

As Silver Bay was a ghost town at 5:30AM, I drove on to Beaver Bay and snapped these pictures in the parking lot of the Holiday gas station.

Damage to car
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Thankfully that was all the damage there was, so the car was totally drivable. The plastic side panels paid off in this case. Instead of possible screwing up the wheel well, they just shattered.

If that canyon rat had shot out another second sooner, he would have been through my windshield. Of course, there was an oncoming car at the time, so there was no way I could even swerve to miss him. You can see several tufts of hair caught in the cracks.

Damage to car

Not even sure how the hair got lodged in the door that way."

Damage to car

Screwed up the lock too.


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