Mar 08

New Blog Framework

It's still Django all the way…

It may not look like much, but there have been a lot of changes around here. I used to run this site on my own custom-developed Django framework. There were a lot of things I wanted to do, however, and found that in pretty much every case I was re-inventing the wheel. Other Django developers had released apps that could do almost everything I wanted to do. There was even a package that pulled a whole bunch of useful apps together into a single system: django-mingus

Works for me. So after a bit of tweaking to make things look the way I wanted, I migrated everything over to the new framework.

Here's what's new:

  • Categories: Click on a category in the right side-bar, and you see all posts for that category. This system has a Tagging system, but I'm might not use it. We'll see.
  • More Feeds: In addition to the main site feed, every category has its own feed. Click on a category, and you will see the subscribe links in the sidebar
  • Disqus: The comment system is now hosted by Disqus. Disqus is so much better than anything I could ever come up with on my own that it would be a waste of time to try. However, As a result, all the old comments are gone. There weren't really that many of them anyway, so it's not that big of a loss.
  • Archive: Finally! Been meaning to do this if I did nothing else. Now the site shows five articles at once, which you can page through. There are archive links for all the rest.
  • Searching: Search for any word, and get a list of articles
  • Social Integration: Built-in Twitter support, so you can re-tweet any article. Also, all new articles will be posted to my Twitter account automatically. Very cool. Looking for something similar for Facebook now...

Let me know if something seems broken

Update: I found a way to migrate all the comments over! They aren't threaded, but that's minor. So, everything is now here.


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