May 22

Family Trip 2010 - Part 1

First up - the Michigan Diers Family

For the first time since 2005, the whole family took a trip together. The occasion was the confirmation of Kay's nephew, Nicolas Herridge. We left after the evening service on Ascension Day, and met up with Kay's sister Karen in Waterloo, IA in the early morning hours. By 3:30AM we were on the road again, and made our way to Pittsford, Michigan to visit by brother Nathan, and his family: wife Katie and son Jonah. This is the first time they have seen Isaiah, our youngest.

The other children were mostly names and faces on Christmas cards (umm… well maybe not Christmas cards) and blog posts as well. It was very good to see Jonah for the first time since he was a newborn-in-arms. He was very active helping his parents with important duties like patrolling the yard with his grocery cart.

After the initial shyness (which lasted, maybe 2 minutes) the children were all close friends, and were helping to defend the family honor from raiding trolls (or roosters, as the case may be).

There were trees that needed climbing…

And tractors that needed driving…

But of course, only after completing the requisite tractor training under Uncle Nathan's expert tutelage…

My brother Nathan introduced his nieces and nephews to a new "toy", which they were all eager to try out. Brilliant, I say!

And of course, the picture taking was reciprocal. And what would shooting pictures be without a zipper-munching opportunistic goat?

Later the next day, after getting a good night's sleep, we visited some dear friends, Steve and Irene Rosebrock, in Hudson.

Lydia had the opportunity to become re-acquainted with an old friend, May Rosebrock, Steve and Irene's granddaughter.

Next post will be the next stop. Columbus, OH.


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