Oct 25

My Message to the Man

Adapt or Perish

Hey Mark Cuban, and every other Network mongul, hear this: I realize you think that there is a huge difference between streaming your programs to a computer, and streaming it to a TV. In fact, you feel so strongly about this that you actually block the web browser in Google TV from viewing your programs, despite the fact that Google TV users, just like anyone sitting in front of a computer, still have to sit through your Ads.

So I can watch Hulu on my 24" LCD Monitor at my desk, but I'm not allowed to watch it on my 24" LCD TV in my living room?

Well guess what? I now watch online streaming of your programs, using my Mac Mini, on my TV. Yeah, that's right, and I'm not sorry. And you know what else? I cancelled my cable subscription. And no, I will not apologize.

You are the horse and buggy-whip salesmen of the 21st century. The world has changed and no matter how much you kick and scream like toddlers who had their candy cane taken away, you cannot stop it. You don't get to decide what we watch and when and how we watch it anymore. We, the consumer, have taken that power away from you. Get a clue, and adapt to the new market, or you will be left behind.


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