Jan 23

Close encounters with stupidity, arrogance, and big trucks

So, you know how it goes. For every patch of ice, there is an idiot willing to put it to the test.

In this case, however, the ice won. Said incident took place in Tofte, MN, directly across from the Holiday gas station.

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The driver did not look good. Broken ribs at least, from the way he was bent over. Bloodied face.

The not-so-gentlemanly driver had previously passed me when the new and drifting snow made for very poor visibility - you know, the kind of visibility that is very much aided by large trucks throwing up snow in your windshield in the hours of dusk. He had to be going at least 65 at the time, in a 55, when road conditions called for something more like 45 (actually much less, sheer ice and all...) And he was obnoxious, on my tail, and then flashing his tail lights at me when he passed. I will not say that I didn't respond in kind.

About 15 minutes later, as I am coming into Tofte from the south on Highway 61, I see only a big white cloud of snow, and a large black mass which I quickly determined was the underside of said truck, careening across both lanes, and then finally sliding off the side of the road. Thank God (and I mean that quite literally) for anti-lock breaks, because without them, I would surely have lost control of my car, or have hit said vehicle which, by the way, contained a full load of highly-flammable compressed propane gas.

Thankfully, the Lord determined that this was not my day to go up in a blaze of glory.


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