Mar 12

Incrementally a Police State

I am posting this because it is getting so little press coverage.

Mother arrested for taking pictures of a tourist attraction

Long story short: Mother driving home from target practice (she is a shooting hobbyist) with an unloaded rifle in the trunk, takes a picture of one of those armed forces memorials with a mounted helicopter (you know, a gutted out shell), to post the pictures to her blog. She is on public property the whole time, and takes pictures only of the helicopter. She is arrested, accused of being a terrorist, roughed up, humiliated (stripped by male officers), put on suicide watch without warrant, forcibly drugged, refused a lawyer, never had any rights read to her, held for a few days, and finally let go without charges being filed against her. Her camera's memory cards were stolen. $5,300 cash was stolen. Her car was damaged. The police publicized her as a terrorist.

The Police State USA is not formed overnight. It is formed incrementally, as the sons of liberty hide in their homes, afraid to speak, just glad it isn't happening to them. No, but it will.

The wolves pick off the the weak members on the fringes of the flock first. It's easy to ignore this. But eventually you are the weak member, and wonder why nobody is coming to your defense when you are facing the jaws of the wolf.

I would also like to note that my conservative Representative, John Kline, voted to extend the Patriot Act, as did the so-called Tea Party candidate, Michelle Bachmann. If either of them are listening, I would like to tell them that they by voting for the Patriot Act, they are enabling this type of violation of the 4th Amendment. They should repent, for they are now a party to this evil.


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