Oct 06

Steve Jobs

Usually I do not get emotional when public figures die. This time is an exception, and I make no apologies. I will dearly miss Steve Jobs. Despite using Apple products extensively, I am not what one would call an Apple fan-boy or fanatic. I just know good design and technology when I see it. I admired Steve's leadership skills, and his uncompromising pursuit of excellence. He was never overbearing, or above his customers. He even personally read and often answered their emails. I am saddened because Steve has enriched my life with his personality and technology, and now he is gone.

Where is Steve now? Only God knows. Some will cynically and callously insist that he is in hell. I refuse to pass such a judgment. I will only say this. Despite his conversion to Buddhism in his young adulthood, Steve Jobs was baptized in the Lutheran church. He was confirmed and he received the body and blood of our Lord for the forgiveness of his sins, at Trinity Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, California, an LCMS congregation. The means of grace are effective, even after years of abusing the grace of God. The baptism with which Steve was buried and raised with Christ does not ever lose its power, for it is God's power, not man's. I have personally witnessed backslidden Christians return to their Baptism on their deathbeds, seeking the forgiveness of sins and the peace of the cross even though it seemed the furthest thing from their minds in life. This is God keeping His promises.

Does it always happen? No. Some never return to the precious gift that God has given them in His Son. The reason for this is hidden in God's inscrutable will which is too high for us sinful mortals to comprehend. Nevertheless, God's promises in Christ are true, enduring, and irrevocable. He has demonstrated His love for us in that while we were sinners, and His enemy, He died for us, indeed for all people. The blood of Jesus has made full atonement for Steve's sins, for your sins, and for mine.

I will not answer the question of where Steve Jobs is now. But I will continue to trust in the mercy of God, and in the effective working of His Word and Sacraments.

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