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This is Trojan Badger, a blog about Photography, Theology, Programming in general, and pretty much anything else I care to throw up here. Who am I? I wear many hats. I am a Lutheran Pastor, married with 6 children. I have a full time job in IT at a printing and display company. I also enjoy programming, and have fallen in love with Python, and the Django web framework in particular. I am an amateur photographer, and an avid fan of traditional Irish music. I play the flute and whistle.

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What's a Trojan Badger? It's what you build when your Trojan Rabbit has failed.


I'm a Lutheran pastor, a CTO, a father, amateur photographer, programmer, Irish music fan, and all around geek, but I only have one blog. So, you will find here a mix of theology, photography, geek speak, family news, and whatever else strikes my fancy. If you get confused, there are now categories…




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