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May 19

MN GOP 2012

Oct 06

Steve Jobs

Apr 14

Are you an organ donor?

After you read this, you will change your mind.

Mar 29

Dreams of the Marula Fruit

and Elephants

Mar 29

Marraige and Youth

Don't hold hands.

Jan 23

Close encounters with stupidity, arrogance, and big trucks

Dec 04

Food Court Christmas Flash Mob

Oct 25

My Message to the Man

Adapt or Perish

Aug 25

The Uff-da Palace

Twisted, but in a good way

May 22

Family Trip 2010 - Part 1

First up - the Michigan Diers Family

May 02

Earl Blue

My favorite tea

Apr 04

Lower Gooseberry Falls

More HDR goodness

Mar 23

Highway 101

Speedboats only

Mar 21

Minnesota River Flood 2010

Still six feet to the crest...

Mar 08

Engine Work

In which I discover new muscles that had never previously ached.

Jan 20


New Photo Gallery

Jan 05

Suicidal deer meets Saturn

On animals and horsepower


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