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Jul 13

Irrational and Irresistable

Because we can.

Jul 09

Lytro: Real or Hoax?

Shoot first, focus later?

Jun 29

Twice a Day

Jun 28

Holyrood Pallace

Mar 06

The Smoking Lounge

Mar 05

School's Out

Feb 19

Building Project

Feb 17

Superior Sunrise number n+1

Jan 25

Story Time

Sep 10

N 44.9162, W 93.8493

Sep 09

HDR Video on Canon 5D Mark II X 2

Aug 25

The Uff-da Palace

Twisted, but in a good way

Aug 20

Misc from the past few months

Aug 18

Superior Shore

Jun 30

Insulated EF 70-200 F/4L USM

Jun 04

Elves among us

Must have been reading too much Tolkein to the children...

May 09

Isaiah in Contemplation

May 02

Earl Blue

My favorite tea

May 02

Split Rock Lighthouse Redux

May 02

Do not double stack!

A warning to toddlers

Apr 09

More from Lower Gooseberry

With no chit-chat

Apr 04

Lower Gooseberry Falls

More HDR goodness

Apr 01

A non-discript Starbucks

in an undisclosed location…

Mar 27

There is always another door

Sometimes they are closed...

Mar 23

Simulated HDR

Faking it

Mar 23

Highway 101

Speedboats only

Mar 21

Minnesota River Flood 2010

Still six feet to the crest...

Mar 18

Sugar Maple Tap Lines

In preparation for the Spring Sugarbush Pancake Breakfast

Mar 15

Split Rock Lighthouse

North Shore of Lake Superior

Mar 13

Another Stone Thingy

from the MN Arboretum Japanese Garden

Mar 09

I was here first

Yeah, but at least we're not naked

Mar 02

Winder Orchids

In no particular order

Mar 02

Not Quite Full Moon

Every amateur photographer must take one of these shots at least once…

Mar 02

Frozen Lake in Chaska

I have no idea what it's called. They are a dime a dozen around here.

Feb 19

Family Ties

Family of Candle Holders

Feb 16

HDR, round 1

First High Dynamic Range Image

Feb 12

Marty McHugh

at Keegan's Irish Pub, N. Minneapolis

Jan 20


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