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Oct 06

Steve Jobs

Jul 13

Irrational and Irresistable

Because we can.

Jun 08

Human milk from cows

It's better for you because it's genetically modified.

Feb 08

Gauss was here

Nov 03

Build your own router

Sep 09

HDR Video on Canon 5D Mark II X 2

Mar 08

New Blog Framework

It's still Django all the way…

Aug 31

Snow Leopard

Taming the wildcats

Feb 06

Elegant Application Integration with Hooks

Solving the Django multi-site conundrum

Dec 09

Django Sites framework and a multi-site CMS

Serving multiple Django sites from a single application instance

Dec 05


A Flex alternative

Nov 26

Django as CMS or Django as App Framework?

Working myself into a corner in Django...

Nov 23

Using CodeMirror with Django Admin

Using a code editor in Django's admin

Nov 21

First post - CodeMirror

Editing code in a browser


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